Running 4U is About You

Submitted by Running-Man on Wed, 03/28/2012 - 20:47

For 41 years I've been involved in running in some capacity and still am at it though maybe not as fast.  This site will evolve into not only a site about distance running and training, but overall fitness.  In addition to running my son and I are over half way to our Black Belts in Taekwondo Karate which we'll dedicate a section to as the website grows.

Negative Fitness

Submitted by Running-Man on Tue, 04/01/2014 - 09:33

There is an interesting article published today about the negative effect of extreme runners.  Most of us that have been running seriously most of our lives have know about this for many years.  It is the basis of the reason for my never wanting to race Marathons over a long period and I spent the bulk of my road racing in 5K's and 10K's.  We had a term for extreme runners and athletes that we called "negative fitness."  You reach a point with training for any ath